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    'Where NFC becomes smart'

  • SmartiX makes packages interactive Where packages become smart: SmartiX
  • Tixx makes products interactive Where products become smart: Tixx²

Case studies

SmartiXn, Smart Packages solution
Smart Packages

SmartiX, developed with our partner Bunzl provides a unique delivery experience enhancing customer loyalty with the eRetailer. We securely CONNECT consumers and brands by making Parcels and Products interactive with Near Field Communication (NFC) and our Smart IoT Platform.
Instantly see order and product information, share your experience, access customer service without any hassle, easily initiate a product return process.

Our platform services are provided at a fee per tag and user transaction basis.

Smart Products App
Smart Products

Tap products with your smartphone to get manuals, installation instructions, to prevent buying counterfeiting products, get easy access to customer service, track- and trace information. Increase customer loyalty, enhance customer service.

Our platform services are provided at a fee per tag and user transaction basis.

Creating Customer Benefits
Loyalty & Voucher

An innovative communication channel to provide customers new product, brand and service experiences.Manage specific product and brand promotions over a dedicated period of time. Customers use tokens that represent an account and balance for a specific campaign.Enables operator to manage stored value as well as bonus accounts. With this respect consumer tokens issued may either be vouchers or gift cards that represent a money value whereas a loyalty bonus cards represent points balances. The token value can be fixed – “face value system“ – or even be topped up – „variable value“.

Our Services

With our longstanding experience in Marketing, IT and Logistics our consultants can support you on designing, developing and implementing successful NFC based applications.
NFC based application design
NFC based application design
Solution Design
Our consultants have a longstanding track record with designing the optimal solution for your business cases. The business case is leading, IT is supportive in our opinion, but necessary to create a strong basis for success. Our solutions often have to be embedded in the corporate IT environment and this is where our expertise comes in. We don’t stop at solution design. We also create and implement the applications we design.
Customization with IoT platform
Customization with IoT platform
We understand that every company has its different use cases and requirements. Our IoT platform is development with these many wishes in mind. We can add customer specific functionality as required. These functions become automatically available in the NFC smartphone App in the look-and-feel of the company.
SAAS IoT platform
SAAS IoT platform
We host our IoT platform at our secure data center providing an end-2-end solution. No need to install any software. Our solutions are provided as a service (SAAS).
Implementation expertise for NFC application
Implementation expertise for NFC application
A typical NFC application contains components like NFC tags, high speed NFC encoders, NFC readers, our IoT platform with links to different data sources and a smartphone NFC App environment. Implementing these require many different expertise areas all of which we can provide, ensuring an effective and efficient implementation.
Hardware for NFC solution
Hardware for NFC solution
Hardware Supply
If required or necessary we can deliver the right hardware to make the BriteBone platform work. The hardware includes suitable tags, included in address labels or ‘standalone’ tags, smartphones with NFC reading capability, NFC scanners, tag readers and writers.
Enhanced functionality to the IoT App
Enhanced functionality to the IoT App
Our development team is constantly adding new and enhanced functionality to the IoT platform and App. The flexible design of our IoT platform and App also enable adding 3rd party functionality, creating a very rich application environment and user experience.

Our Company

IdeAtics is a Dutch based NFC solution company. Our solutions are based on our US and EU patents that are in itself the basis of our Smart URL technology. We have a longstanding experience in and thorough knowledge of Near Field Communication.
  • Rien van Alphen

    Business Consultant

    • Is experienced in analysing business processes and successfully implemented many business systems.
    • Intermediates between business demands and IT systems.
    • Has a track record as business consultant for small companies and for multi nationals.

  • Peter Philippens

    CTO: Business Economics and IT

    • Successfully founded and built a €100mio plus office solution company
    • Founded and built software and IT security startups.
    • Logistics consultant.

  • Jan Moggré


    • Engineering and IT.
    • Former partner of Coopers & Lybrand. Established a practice of 140 business professionals.
    • Successfully acquired and built a leading company in Food Safety consulting and eLearning systems.

  • Goswin Fijen


    • Technical MBA.
    • Successfully founded and built a € 100mio plus office solutions company.
    • Director of the Dutch office supplies employers union.

  • Piet Tops

    Business Development

    Entrepreneur since 20 years in international trade, technology, mainly ICT/Internet. Currently active as allround consultant, sparring partner and project manager for entrepreneurs and their companies. Focus on generating new or additional business, technical/economical issues en collaboration.

  • Max-Pieter Fränkel

    Architect -Test Manager

    30 years of experience in the ICT sector as consultant, test manager, projectmanager and IT manager. Besides his vast experience within large and smaller companies, he is ISTQB CTAL certified.

    He has a 8 year long working experience at a large logistics service provider as IT director.

Why Ideatics?

Our Smart URL: Our patented tag scanning solution uses three important variables:

  • Location; we program a URL in the tag, pointing to the exact location of object data on the Internet.
  • Identification: we add the unique identifier of a tag (UID); which securely identifies the object.Task: we add a task to be performed by the server, resulting in relevant information.

We use these variables by programming a SMART URL in a NFC tag.
A SMART URL can look like this:

By adding placeholders like the [gps] to the URL we are able to not only identify the object, but also the physical location of the object, the scanning device and the user, thereby facilitating authentication and authorization.

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Latest News

  • Smartix by Ideatics one of the showcases of the NFC Forum

    The NFC Forum brings the convenience of NFC technology to life. The forum empower organizations to deliver secure, tap-based interactions with an intuitive, reliable experience to users around the globe. This forum selected our Smartix solution for packaging as one of their showcases. Our Smartyix solution connects consumers and brands by making parcels and products …

  • The advantages of Smartix

    Ideatics and Bunzl launched their new service Smartix. Smartix makes it for the receiver of a shipment possible to communicate directly with the content of the received shipment and with the sender of the shipment. All advantages are listed in this link.

  • Launch of Smartix

    Last week our partner Bunzl launched Smartix for their webshop “Verzendverpakkingenshop.nl”. Smartix is the solution of Bunzl and Ideatics for taging shipments. The taging of shipments gives the receiver of the shipment the possibility to analize the content of the shipment directly on a smartphone, contact the sender, report missing goods, etcetera. Find a video …

  • Bunzl makes packages smart with Smartix

    Bunzl launched Smartix, an intelligent packaging solution which will boost the development of the ‘Internet of Packaging’. The Smartix concept is based on the Smart Package Concept of Ideatics. Follow this link to read more.

Britebone is our patent based IoT platform.

Main features are:

  • NFC tag management
  • Application configuration and management
  • Application functions management
  • Customer and user management
  • Device and user authentication
  • API- and data management
  • Data- and scan Dashboard

Britebone is like a spider in the web. Securely connecting object and product data with devices and users. Servicing the Smart IoT app with the correct services, look-and-feel and data.

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