Why Ideatics

Why Ideatics?

Our Smart URL: Our patented tag scanning solution uses three important variables:

  • Location; we program a URL in the tag, pointing to the exact location of object data on the Internet.
  • Identification: we add the unique identifier of a tag (UID); which securely identifies the object.Task: we add a task to be performed by the server, resulting in relevant information.

We use these variables by programming a SMART URL in a NFC tag.
A SMART URL can look like this:

By adding placeholders like the [gps] to the URL we are able to not only identify the object, but also determine the physical location of the object, the scanning device and the user, thereby facilitating authentication and authorization.

  • All known alternative methodologies are based on proprietary closed (application)solutions.
  • No pre-installed vertical apps – just Tap the IdeAtics tag and our reader App takes care of authorization, and immediately initiates the correct brand application with all necessary relevant content and functionality

Our Smart IoT App:

  • Reader app enriches the smart-URL and unique identifier from the NFC tag with context sensitive information (e.g. location, date/time, device/user data)
  • Retrieves and displays personalized object data from Smart parcel cloud
  • No pre-install needed when reading the NFC tag
  • Auto download in case native or webapp not present
  • Based upon patented smart-URL technology
  • Availability
  • Android App mid 2017
  • iOS App end of 2017